Enchi College of Education was established by the government in November 1965 as a male institution to run a 4-Year Post-Middle Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ programme. It became co-educational in 1975 and was later converted into a Three-Year Post-Secondary Teacher Training College in 1988. In 2004, the college started the three year Diploma in Basic Education and was granted an institutional Accreditation to tertiary status by the National Accreditation Board in 2007. At the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year, Enchi College of Education started the Bachelor of Education (JHS Education) programme, specializing in French, English, Ghanaian Language, Social Studies, History, Religious and Moral Education and Geography.

The College has trained 7,474 teachers, most of whom are currently occupying very enviable positions in the country; educationists, politicians, clergymen, lawyers, industrialists and many others.

Enchi College of Education shares the vision of becoming an inclusive and gender-sensitive centre of excellence, producing competent, innovative and lifelong learning teachers of integrity in a congenial learning environment. Our core values are diligence, quality, excellence, and inclusivity. In recent years, the College embarked on several reforms alongside giant changes in academic facilities and infrastructure and these have culminated in relevant and visible changes in the conduct of its business.

After 54 years of extensive business in the teacher education enterprise, we are happy to inform you that our academic and non-academic staff are friendly and poised to deliver quality service and to assist our clientel, especially, students at the campus to acquire worthwhile learning experience. I assure you that your maximum co-operation with College leadership will in no doubt help the institution to produce graduates of repute both locally and internationally


The college exists to become an inclusive and gender sensitive centre of excellence, producing competent, innovative and lifelong learning French and Generalist teachers of integrity in a congenial physical environment.


The college shall provide the needed quality training of competent French and Generalist teachers with honesty and integrity, and collaborate with other institutions in the implementation of educational policies in a congenial atmosphere that is responsive to gender, sensitivity and inclusiveness.


Diligence, Quality and Excellence.